Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More unusual things about me...

Of course, after I posted for my tag blog, I thought of so many more unusual things! Guess I don't do well in the moment. So,here are a few more interesting (or not!) things about me.

1. I read the obits every day. I critique them and love to find the really unusual ones and read them to others. My kids think I'm morbid and my hubby says I better write my own before I die so he doesn't have to. But seriously, it is so cool to see what people write. My fave was one about a guy who said he was the only boy with 3 older sisters who made him go to the store and buy cigs and tampons for them. It prepared him for life. It was so humorous and you could see the guy was loved and quite a character. Nothing like a good obit!

2. My favorite movie of all times is "It's a Wonderful Life". Love it! Must watch it every year, at least once! My kids all hate it because I have made them watch it with me. Now, they refuse. But what a great story! If we all knew the impact we made, wouldn't we try to be better people? Even the little things make a difference. And seriously folks, isn't it a wonderful life?

3. My dream job growing up was to be a model. Ha! Like that would ever happen! Once I was grown, my next dream job was to be a flight attendent. I even tried to apply at Southwest once. Got my headshots done, application all filled out, reference letters, the whole bit. Drove to Love field and right before I turned in, there was an announcement on the radio that Southwest had a hiring freeze for the first time in it's history. Bummer! Then, years later, my husband had just finished a year of barber school so we could work together. One of my customers told me she had worked for Southwest for years. I told her of my dream years earlier. She said she had a card that she could recommend someone & it would get you to the 3rd interview, which is just before the hiring. She was willing to give me one and recommend me. Bummer again! Just couldn't after all we had been through to get hubby through schol so we could work together. Oh well, God knew what He was doing!

So, there ya go! A few more things about me!

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Jen said...

My mom also loves reading the obits! I don't necessarily read them religiously but I always find it interesting when she tells me of some of the stories.