Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ten Thousand Homes Web Launch

Hey guys! Wanted to share with you what our organization is doing to spread awareness about the AIDS crisis and how you can be a part of change. Below is an email from our director of communications regarding the new website launch and ways you can make an impact. Please take a moment to read and if you are interested, please contact TTH. Also, please click on the link to Dave Henry's website at the side of my page. His latest blog is about the time he has spent is SA and it is very powerful and insightful! Blessings!

Hi Friends,
We want to introduce a new way for anyone to engage with the Orphan Crisis in Africa... COMING SOON...A NEW WEBSITE!!! On DEC. 12 people from all over North America will be helping to launch our website & a new logo in their very own homes. You can be one of those people! It's another way for you and your friends to get engage with the orphan crisis in Africa.
Want to Help? Here's how!
-Host a Ten Thousand Homes party in your home, apartment, dorm room, gathering place or place of worship on Dec. 12 & help launch the new website! (
-By Donating $100 we will send you a Home Kit complete with 10 t-shirts, 10 stickers, plenty of brochures, & other surprises
-Invite at least 10 friends & encourage them to donate toward Ten Thousand Homes
-Check out the website and give us your feed back
What better place to capture what Ten Thousand Homes is about .... bringing people into your home to share the story of those who have no home!
By hosting a Ten Thousand Homes Web Launch Party you are not only engaging with advocacy, but also with action!
If you're interested and need more details, please contact email David at
Thanks for joining us,
Ten Thousand Homes

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