Friday, January 22, 2010

Breaking ground!

Did I mentionin my last blog that there are 29 people on the YWAM Orlando team? They wouldbe tripping all over theirselves trying to build the one home, so we had them start digging the footin for the care center in Kabokweni.

My wonderful friend, Elizabeth, pictured above, and her group of volunteers feed approximately 140 kids 4-5 days a week out of her garage. Ten Thousand Homes has been in the process of getting a care center built on the donated land behind her home. There has been lots of prep work, from building a new road to erecting a water tower.

The past 2 weeks, part of the Orlando team have been digging the footing. Let me tell ya, it's some hard, back-breaking work! Some spots are nice & sandy, while others are solid rock! Here's a few pictures of them getting started. And while they are rotating out team, they all take time to play & love on the kids! More updated pictures to come!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January started off with a bang at Ten Thousand Homes! A wonderful outreach team from YWAM Orlando arrived the first week with the money they had raised to build an orphan home. Knowing they were coming, we asked Elizabeth to help us locate a family in need. She connected us with a Gogo (grandmother) who is raising 3 small children & had taken in 4 more girls ranging in age from 7-15. When we went to meet her, it was obvious that this family needed help & hope. They were living in a small, 1 room house with a roof that was a mix of patched tin & plastic. The 4 girls had been staying in a wood shack beside the house, but the recent rains had knocked it over & so it was unlivable.

After making the necessary arrangements, we went to work! The team was so quick that I wasn't able to get pictures of the original wood shack. They had it torn down before I got the last load of people out there! Then came the hard work! Hauling loads of brick, sand, water & rock down the hill was only the beginning. Working under the hot African sun doesn't make it much easier, but this team has done an awesome job! Here's a few pictures of the beginning stages of the new home. I'll keep you updated as the progress continues.

Please keep our Orlando team in your prayers, as well as the family that God has called us to help.