Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by my friend Jen! The rules are you have to list 7 unusual things about yourself and then tag 7 people. Not sure if I know 7 with blogs to tag, but here goes!

1. I was a tomboy growing up. Loved hanging with the guys, playing football, climbing trees, all that stuff.

2. Failed only 2 classes in school - home ec (sewing) and p.e. Yep, gym class! Refused to play softball because the coach wouldn't make the girls play right, so I didn't dress out all semester and failed. Thought my daddy was going to blow a gasket!

3. I make a mean coconut pie!

4. I love football! One of the few things about fall I really like.

5. I'm a cold weather wimp! Below 70 is cold to me and I can't stand it! Also don't like air conditioning! Could completely live without it!

6. I love to read. I read on average 2-3 books a week. Anything fiction, I like. Romance, mystery, classics, historical romance, doesn't matter. It can't be to small. I like getting to know the characters and it needs a good plot. Character development is very important and if I find an author I like, I will read all their books!

7. Hmmm, last one. Not sure what to say on this one. Besides, can't tell you all my secrets! ;)

Ok, now who to tag. Let's see if I can make this work!

Sherri, Zac & Anneke, Brett, and Rae. That's all for now!


Jen said...

Well, thanks for participating in my tag! I'll be waiting to have some of that coconut pie in the very near future!

John, Carla & Rae Shaw said...

I'll make you some as soon as I cut Song's hair!

Courtney said...

Great job, Carla! These were fun to read. I like finding out fun facts about different people. And I bet you are cold today since we aren't supposed to hit 70 :-)