Saturday, November 1, 2008

God does answer prayers

Tday is a special day. It is my granddaughter's first birthday! She is an answer to prayer. You see, when we first decided to move to SA for full-time mission work, my greatest fear was that my daughter would get pregnant right before we left and I wouldn't be here when the babywas born. When I told my daughter Carmen this, she told me they weren't trying, but they weren't NOT trying either. I started getting excited and she reminded me that with her first, it took almost a year to get pregnant. Well, I reminded her that God could do anything! So, I started praying.

A little more than a month later, she was pregnant! Thank you God! And of course, I was hoping for a girl (she deserved one!). Either would befine, but I really wanted a girl! She not only had the most precious girl I have ever seen, but I was also there when she was born.

The next morning, as I was thanking God, it hit me that we would be moving before she could really remember me. I just started crying and God gently reminded me that He has answered my prayers for her to be here. So I prayed that He would create a special bond between us that would last. A spiritual and emotional bond that would be life-long.

I already see that happening! Every time she see Mimi, she smiles and jusmps to me or comes crawling. She cuddles up to me and is just the most precious thing in the world. God is so good! So I thank Him today for this very special child He has brought into our lives. And I thank Him for answering my prayers. I know it will be so hard to leave her when we move, but I have faith that God will continue to strengthen our relationship even when I am half a world away.

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