Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meet Steven. He's one of our wonderful workers here at Ten Thousand homes. He's been with us for well over a year and although he's very quiet, I have had the opportunity to talk with him quite a bit lately. He helps head up the construction on the homes & care centers in the communities. This past week, we had a team in Kabokweni working on the new care center. Steven was busy digging a "poo pit" with some of the guys. It was extremely hard work! They had to dig the pit 3 meters deep and were continuously hitting rock. During one of the breaks, I was talking to him & joking about how hopefully our footing for the new home would not be into rock. He asked when we were starting on our home. I told him hopefully soon soon (very soon). He told me he was taking a month off for personal reasons. I didn't ask more, but let it go. A few days later, Michael told me that Steven had taken off because his 4yr old daughter was very ill. Steven told him he was taking her to a specialist and that she was dying. We are not really sure what it is, he just indicated something with her stomach.

I have to say that somethings just never get easier. I am so heart-sick & heart-broken. My heart cries out to God. I want to do something. Anything. It is a truly helpless feeling. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child. I can't imagine the helplessness that he must be feeling. And every time I think of it, my stomach just feels sick. Sick that it is so common here. And I just want to stomp my feet & say, "No more God!" And as I write this, we get a text from Pastor Sthembiso that one of the girls in his community just passed away. A generation is being lost here. Kids and young people who could make a difference in this world. People, individuals. Not nameless, faceless statistics. And it just makes me sick.

Steven was able to take his daughter to a specialist in Nelspruit & word is that she is recovering & doing well. Thank you Jesus & thank each of you for the prayers!

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