Friday, February 5, 2010

Blessing others & being blessed

Yesterday was a special day. The Home that was built by the YWAM Orlando team was dedicated prayed over. There are still a few minor things to be done, like a door to be hung, the floor to be poured in the old room & a few more panes of glass to be put in. But with the team leaving today for Rustenburg, we wanted them to be able to bless the home & the people they have worked so hard to provide a home for.

The Orlando team did a fantastic job with the help of 2 of our favorite workers, Steven & Simbisiso. I must say, I think it is one of the prettiest homes we have built. And during the building process, the team took the time to build relationship with the ladies that live near by. The kids loved playing with everyone & would often bring them mangos.

The team decided to take up a collection to get a home warming present. They were able to get quite a few necessities as well as some special treats for the kids! After the prayer time & presenting of the gift, the gogo thanked the team& told them that before they built the home, every time it rained she would not be able to sleep. Just seeing her smile blessed the team. I think they were as blessed as the family. And that's what it's all about!


Laura Fissel said...

I AM SO STINKIN EXCITED! thanks for the pictures :)

John, Carla & Rae Shaw said...

Lol, your welcome! And thanks for the comment! I hate when I don't get comments on my blogs! Love ya Laura!!!