Sunday, September 20, 2009

I detest...

Doing dishes!

I know, almost everyone does. Not on the favorite list of anyone I know. But I have to say, it's even more of a pain living in South Africa. First, there is no automatic dishwasher! Oh no! I haven't seen one since we've been here. I'm pretty sure they have them in this country somewhere, but I can't say I've looked. I'm too afraid I would find one & want it really bad! But I regress! So hand washing it is! Added to that, we have one small (and I do mean small!) sink in our kitchen. With no hot water. And there is no Dawn Ultra dish soap here either! So, here are the steps to washing dishes.

First, make sure everything is scraped & dumped out. Then, plug the sink with the plug that doesn't quite fit by using the scrubby pad under the plug. Then, 2 empty water jugs from the bathtub faucet with hot water. Use 1 jug to fill the sink while pouring in a quarter bottle of dish soap. Then, start with glasses & cups. Use one of the cups to pour rinse water into from the 2nd jug. Rinse each glass & cup with the rinse water, pouring the rinse water back into the first cup as you go. Next, it's on to plates & bowls. Repeat the process of rinsing. Usually, it's time to change the water after this. So, back to the bathtub! Next it's time for the pots & pans. No non-stick here! No siree! Well, one non-stick, very small frying pan, but other than that, nope! So, scrub away! Rinse & repeat. Last, time for silverware. Wash a hand full, stick it in the glass, pour water over & put in the drying rack. Finally! Dishes done. Whew!

And yes, I do realize that I have a 15 yr. old. Unfortunately, she inherited her uncle's gag reflex in regards to washing dishes. But I make up for that with her having bathroom duty! I'm so mean, but hey!

So, I dream. Not of an automatic dishwasher. Oh no. I dream of a nice, big, double sink with hot running water! Sometimes, you have to dream for attainable goals, not necessarily the big dreams!

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Barbara said...

That is a very small sink!!