Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home is more than a house...

It's times like now that bring this inot focus. Many of you may have read about the home that the Orlando team built last month. If not, go to The home was built for a single mom with 2 children. Often, the neice is there as well when her mother is not doing well with her illness.

Last night, we recieved the news that the mom had passed away. Now, the 15 yr. old boy will be the head of the household, with a young sister to take care of. The immeadiate needs seem overwhelming enough. Money to release the body to the funeral home, cost of a funeral, paying to keep the electricity on, no food in the house. And then to thnk of the long term needs; well, it seems a little daunting to me, I can only imagine how a 15 yr. old boy feels.

Last night, Ryan asked if there was anyone to stay with the children until the grandfather arrived. When we found out there wasn't, Ryan & Mongolisa packed a bag, grabbed some food & headed out. Two selfless guys, doing what neede to be done.

Our job now is to make sure these children don't fall through the cracks. How can we help make sure they are taken care of & not taken advantage of? How do we ensure that their needs are met so the boy doesn't have to quit school & get a job to support his sister? How do we help make sure the sister isn't raped or abused? Thankfully,we are working with a wonderful pastor in the community. Pastor Stembiso & his wife have the heart of God & the faith of Abraham. Our prayer is we can come along side of them & see the children grow up taken care of & knowing the love of the Father.

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