Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hope for a community

For the last 2 weeks, we have had the privilege to host a short term team from the YWAM Orlando base. This group of 6 men & 6 women raised the money to build a home and dedicated 2 weeks here to accomplish that task. We are blessed to be working with an amazing pastor in the community & he found a family that had a great need. The family lived in this small shack. The mother, who is on her death bed, had 2 children & an aunt had come to live with them with her child to help out.

Pastor organized a group of young adults to help in any way they could. Before the team arrived, they began gathering water in any container they could find & hauling it to the construction site. Throughout the entire 2 weeks, these young people were there to do whatever needed done, for nothing more than the reward of helping someone in need. If there was mortar to be mixed, they mixed it; if there were blocks to be unloaded, the jumped in; if there was a need for scaffolding, they made it. All with a joyful heart.

The Orlando team was determined to finish the home in the short time span they were here. After 10 days of working their tails off, the home is 99% finished with only a few small things to be done. The amazing thing to me in all this tho was every time I was out there, I saw this team engaging relationally with the kids from the home, the young adults that helped & anyone from the community that came by. The Orlando team not only accomplished the task that theyhad set out for, they also engaged people from this community in relationships. Everyone in the community & here at Ten Thousand homes will be sad to see them leave. They not only brought hope to this family, they brought Hope to a community.

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