Thursday, September 25, 2008


So I have to admit, I wasn't the most obedient kid. I know, you are all really surprised ;) I was always very agreeable, just did what I wanted when I was away from my parents and figured what they didn't know, wouldn't hurt them (or me). I just never really understood why they would give me stupid rules (my opinion,of course!) and what the big deal was when I wasn't hurting anyone or myself.

It really wasn't so much a question of not behaving. I grew up very independent and when my dad got remarried when I was a teenage, things changed. I couldn't understand why the rules had changed and was not happy about it at all.

So, in my walk with God, obedience has been a struggle at times. It has taken some time and understanding of who God is that has helped me to walk this out. When I look back and see how He has made things so much better for me, I have learned I can trust Him. It hasn't always been easy, and I am not perfect at it, but I know God has the best for me. It makes it a whole lot easier when I don't understand why He has asked me to do something. I can look back and see how He has come through before. And, I can remember how bad I have screwed up before I let Him into my life!

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