Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I want to live like there's no tomorrow

September 10th. Hard day. Lost my brother 6 years ago today. Massive heart attack at 42 yrs. old.

Man, life is hard sometimes. As hard as it is, I really do enjoy it. Yet there are some days that you just think, wow. You know that song that goes, "..I want to live like there's no tomorrow, I want to dance like there's no one around..." Well, I think sometimes, when you have experienced a sudden death, you realize that there are no guarentees. We aren't promised tomorrow. So what do you do with today? That's how I want to live. Don't always, but man, to do that,to think, "Today is what I have to make a difference."

No fear of what others may think of me, no fears of messing up, no fears of looking like an idiot or of people thinking I'm nuts (theyall ready do, so hey!). Just to follow my Lord and let him direct my steps. Just making a difference with what I have in front of me, right here, right now.

So if you knew, I only have today, or this week, or 3 months, what would you do?


brett tilford said...

Try to get Maggie pregnant. Also, I would travel to Europe.

Jen said...

Just wanted to drop a line and say I love your new blog look. Love you guys!

nancy said...

i have no idea...probably pour as much into my family as i could...and, ewww, Brett, too much information!

Zachary said...

If I had no tommorow, I would go to el fenix with john. I would will Carla my free movie tickets I got cause john never takes her! Zach

John, Carla & Rae Shaw said...

Zach,you crack me up! You better not use up the movie passes before you die! Otherwise, I won't get to ever see another movie in the theater!!!!!!!