Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Youth Camp

We had the pleasure of hosting a youth camp with Pastor Sthembiso on our campus the week before Christmas. There were over 80 teens/young adults here. It was amazing! John, Rae & I all had the opportunity to speak.

John spoke on Ephesians 5 to the young men in the camp. He talked about the role of husbands & what that means. God's word transcends cultures. Women are to respect their husbands. And husbands are to love their wives like Jesus loves the church. The role of men in any society is crucial. And for most of the young men in SA, there isn't a role model. So many of them have grown up without a father figure. But God has specific instructions on how to do this. It was a very open discussion with John challenging them with God's truth. Once you know the truth, you are responsible for it. Of course, mentoring is the key. John, Pastor Sthembiso & Stanley are meeting weekly with the young men to discuss what is going on in their lives & what God's word says.

Rae spoke on "A Generation of Change". God put this on her heart a year or so ago. It doesn't matter what your age is, you can make a difference. She spoke to the young women about making a change in their communities & in the world. She then asked them to write down ways that they could make a difference. Afterwards, they shared. One young lady shared that if they were always holding on to the past, they couldn't grasp hold of the future. Rae did a wonderful job & God used her in a special way.

I taught on the Motivational gifts. We talked a lot about what ministry is & isn't. It's not about what you do on Sunday mornings or only at church. It's about life & everyone you come in contact with. Then we talked about the different kinds of gifts, looked at the motivational gifts & did a survey to see what each persons gifts were. I asked the group to please be interactive & ask lots of questions. And they did! It was an awesome experience. There is nothing like God using you in a way that brings change & transformation to others!

I think the camp was a great experience not only for the youth, but for our family as well. We are so blessed to have this amazing relationship with Pastor Sthembiso. And to be able to live this life that God has called us to. Thank you to all of you who make that happen!


Brittany Deniston said...

Sounds awesome!

KCazad said...

wow!!! what an amzing thing u, John and Rae are doing!!! i love reading about Gods Good Work!!!
Many Blessings~