Saturday, December 26, 2009


This is my friend, Katiwhe. She is one of the amazing young women who serves the children in the community of Kabokweni. When I first met her back in March, she was not doing so well. She was depressed & had talked of taking her own life & her 2 childrens as well. Her life seemed hopeless & sad. She is 20 years old, has a 6 yr old & 18 month old. She lived with her father & step-mother. Her step-mother would withhold food from her & accuse her of stealing food if she ate. She was nursing her baby, looke liked she was nothing but skin & bones & had no way out. This amazing young lady volunteers 5 days a week to cook & serve over 100 kids who have even less.

Recently, she was able to get a "home" of her own. Her father worked out a deal with a neighbor & fixed up this tiny shack for her. It is tiny. One room, no window, dirt floor. It has a bed, a light bulb & extension cord & a little shelve on cinder blocks for her hot plate & tea kettle. Yet, when she told me about it, her face lit up! She walked me to her place & with pride, showed me her new home. The change in her has been amazing! She is happy & has dreams for the future. Some day, she would like to have her own little cafe. She dreams of being able to provide for her girls. Although Ten Thousand Homes did not provide her home, it just goes to show what a difference a home brings to those who don't have one. It brings a place of security & hope.


Lynn said...

wow! I am amazed at the heart of our Father, who chooses to give us the desires of our heart!

My love and prayers to Katiwhe! How good God is to her! I will continue to pray for God's goodness and provision for her and the girls!

Cafe next!!! Nothing is impossible with God!

KCazad said...

truly inspirational...

Laura Fissel said...

Carla, please share my rejoicing with Katiwhe over her new home and tell her how much i love and miss her. I think about her often and pray for her and the girls.
Thanks for posting about her...with a picture!!!!
<3 Laura