Friday, March 6, 2009

Who knew?

I got a care package from a friend the other day. The first one since we have been in South Africa. She had asked me recently what it was that I wanted/needed. I told her how expensive just about anything plastic is here. So, she sent me some ziplock bags (all sizes!) and some Gladware bowls! Wow, who knew plastics could make me so happy!

She also put in some candy (yes!) and a People magazine. Awesomeness!

Ok, don't tell my husband how easy it is to make me that happy; we have an anniversay coming up & I'm hoping for a little more than Ziplock bags from him!


Lindsey Kaufman said...

I highly recommend Jatinga if you guys go out for dinner on your anniversary. The food is awesome, it's a great atmosphere, and it's a bit cheaper than Olivers.

Brittany Deniston said...

funny how the smallest things from home can make you happy huh? doesn't take much for me anymore!