Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day at the AIDS Hospice

When I first walked in the room, all I could see was a bald head & huge eyes. His covers were wrapped up to far, I couldn't see anything else. Come to find out, there wasn't a whole lot more to see. He stood about 6 ft., but was nothing but skin & bones. I've seen pictures of holocaust survivors, but never had I seen anything like this in person.

His name is Vincent. I'm assuming he has HIV/AIDS since I was at the AIDS hospice. He spoke very little, but would get up & walk outside about every 2 hours. After sitting for a while, he would make his way back to his bed. Once there, he would huddle under the covers, like he was freezing.

To my surprise, that afternoon his parents came to pick him up. His mom & dad looked about 40-45 yrs. old. I was shocked when the nurse introduced them as his parents. You see, I thought he was about 50-60 yrs. old, or older. I was also shocked they were taking him home. But it seems like he had improved & with his medicines, he could go home. At least for now. If he started on ARV's soon enough, there's a good chance he can live for many years to come. It could be that he had a bad case of TB and the meds will help clear that up & he can gain weight & strength again.

But I don't know his story. I only know that I will be praying for him.

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