Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kids are Kids

On Thursday, our team went to Kbakweni to work in the community. We help out with the feeding program & then play with the kids. We also wash their school uniforms, but with all the rain, we didn't this week. The kids there were a little shy at first, but then they opened up & started playing games with us. We had a great time & to see their smiling faces is a joy.

This weekend, we are serving at a retreat for the SALT church. SALT is an Afrikaan church that some of the team attends. We were asked to run the kids program at the retreat for about 13 kids. They too were a little shy, but openend up & we played games & did crafts. It has been fun! They wanted to know about the cowboys in Texas, not the team, but real cowboys! They tried to teach me the name of one of their schools, but I just can't roll my "r's" like that! In their very british, clipped accent, they asked me if we don't have "r's" in the states? Well, yes, but I've tried to roll my r's all my life & still can't!

It really struck me that there are definitely differences in the kids, yet, they are still just kids. They want to laugh, learn, pleay & be loved. That's what they all want & need. Our job is to help them do that & know they are loved, not just by us, but by their Father in heaven.

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