Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smiles make my day

Isn't it amazing how much a smile can make your day change from good to awesome?

Yesterday I was in Kabokweni with the New Hope team. We had a good afternoon preparing for the feeding, spending time with the volunteers & waiting for the kids to arrive. It was a long, hot afternoon & the kids had barely gotten there when we had to leave.

Alan Bennet is leading the team from New Hope & had been here last June with a group of guys to see come along side of our ministry. Alan, Steve Horvath, Bill Hinshaw & Jeff Mitchel spent some time working on a home for Lucy & her two daughters. Lucy was very ill with AIDS and her teenage daughters were at risk in their little shack with no protection from a drunk, abusive uncle. Their new home was a blessing. Lucy has been very ill but has recently gone back on ARV's & is doing well.

As we were ready to leave yesterday, Alan asked if we could go by to show the team the home he had worked on. As we drove up the street, Lucy was sitting on the neighbor's porch & saw us. She jumped up waving & ran towards the road with a huge smile on her face! Well, we couldn't just drive on by! Hugs were given all around & Lucy just couldn't stop smiling. She took Alan's hand & walked him to her home. A couple of the guys pitched in & carried water containers up the hill to her home too. I don't think Lucy stopped smiling the whole time we were there.

I couldn't get over the excitement Lucy had to see us. And her happiness to show off her home. It made my day complete.

A smile...what a difference it can make in your day.

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