Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ndobile is a friend of mine that volunteers to take care of children in Kabokweni. I shared her story at my church a while back & in an earlier post. When I first met her last year, she had a newborn & a toddler, was living on her own in a small shack, with not much at all. It was cold & she had nothing. After sharing, a couple of wonderful people donated money & ask that she get some blankets. Well, we did better than that! We were able to use the money donated to buy her a nice queen bed with everything needed. Sheets, pillows, comforter & lots of blankets! It was fun being able to shop for her & bless her like that. But the funnest part was trying to deliver it. She lives up the side of the mountain. You can only drive up so far, and then you have to hike up this path. The day we were going to deliver it, of course there were no men around! So 5 of us girls decided that we would do it ourselves. Oh my! Five women, 2 toddlers & a baby...what a sight! I carried all the bedding, while the other women carried the mattress & box springs. Ndobile had the baby tied to her back, in the true African style, and still managed to get the bed up the mountain. We had so much fun making the bed & getting pictures & Ndobile was very appreciative!

As we were walking back down the mountain, a man was walking up. I greeted him in Siswati & he started talking to me. The girls told me he said I was beautiful & wanted to know if I had a husband. I told him yes, but thank you. I was feeling pretty good, being with all the young pretty women. But then, Ndobile said, "Auntie, I think he doesn't know that you are old." Um, well then! So much for that!

But we did have a good time & not only blessed Ndobile, but worked a few muscles that haven't been worked in a while!

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