Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crazy Love, crazy day

I've been reading this book, Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I love to read at night, but I just can't read this one at bedtime. So, after my quiet time in the mornings, I pick it up & read a little. I usually can't even get though a whole chapter. I have to read a section & put it down. It just makes me search.

I'm on the chapter about "People of the obsessed". The section I was reading this morning was all about loving people. You know, not the way you or I love someone, but the way God loves. Hmmm. After having my clothes stolen off the line last week, I thought I was doing ok. We had found out who had taken them & I was actually heart-broken & sad for the person who did it. Hmmm, little pat on the back there.

"True love is loving a person after he has hurt you". Ok God, got it.

After teatime today, we went to the atm to withdraw money to buy the bricks for our foundation. The atm was acting weird, and a guy reached over my shoulder to push the language button. John saw & got out of the car. I pushed the cancel buttons, but it wouldn't give me back my debit card. After trying for about 15 mins., John went across to the bank while I stayed guard over the machine. If it spit my card back out, I was going to get it. Well, no luck. So, we came home & immeadiately logged on to check our account. So far, so good. Then I checked how to report a card lost or stolen. And immeadiately went back to the balance page. WHAM, R3000 withdrawn. My fingers flew over the page to report my card stolen & have it immeadiately deactivated.

So here I am, re-reading the section. And praying for God to give me His heart.

Right after that happened, we were going out to the home that we had just gotten ready for two teenage boys. We decided to do just the opposite of what satan would have us do. So, we went to the store & bought them some groceries. I snuck in a box of chocolate Oatees (cheerio's). I pray those boys were not only blessed with a home of their own today, but also a few things for them to eat.

But I'm still praying for God to give me His heart. Cause I really need it right now.

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