Monday, May 4, 2009

There but by the grace of God...

As they drove farther into the bush, Lauren explained to the team that the floods that had hit Mozambique the year before had really hurt the people here. There was very little food, no medical care & jobs were scarce. Lauren works for Youth For Christ and had taken the group into the village she helps in. Instead of the normal pap, she serves the chilfdren a much thinner porridge style mealie meal. That way it goes farther. Still, the children are hungry. Lauren often uses her meager funds to supplement the porridge with veggies. It's all she can do.

When the team arrived, the children all came around. The team had brought bubbles and balloons for the children. Their eyes got big as they blew bubbles. They didn't even careabout blowing up the balloons, as long as they could hold them.

There were many little girls, around 5-8 yrs. old, who cared younger siblings tied to there backs. This children would take care of their baby brother or sister all day. One girl, about 5 yrs. old, wore her little pink chiffon dress. It was ripped, had missing buttons and not veryclean. But she was so proud of her little dress. Another boy, about 8,came in his little 3 peice suit. He wanted to make a good impression on the visitors.

As pooras this community was, these children had one thing that was amazing. Their smiles. They were such a happy group of kids. The joy and happiness was beyond understanding. But it was there. And so was God.

As related by John after his trip to Mozambique

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